Ha Long Bay June 11 to 13, 2002

I spent three days and two nights on the Kangaroo Cafe tour of Ha Long Bay. The limestone formations of the bay were every bit as impressive as I had read about and seen on film. I was fortunate enough to be traveling with a great group of tourists and to have an excellent guide. It made the experience that much better.

Out first day was spent making out way out to the bay, and finding our way out to the water. We made a brief stop at an impressive set of caves that looked like they were being operated by Disneyland, and then made our way to our home of the evening, an anonymous calm patch of water surrounded by spectaular spires of rock. We took some time to swim, eat a fabulous meal, and then swim again in the dark to experience the phosphorescent water. The night was spent on the deck of the boat, underneath mosquito nets that looked more like serving tray covers than anything else.

The following morning, after dipping into the water again, we made our way to Cat Ba island. While there, we visited another (much more interesting) cave on the north end of the island. We also visited the somewhat misnamed Monkey Island.

The following day we returned to the boat and made our way back to the shore (after stopping to swim again, of course). Our group got along so well that we decided to meet up that night at the appropriately named "Jazz Club."

My final day back in Hanoi was spent wandering the city, packing, and chatting with friends that I made over the course of my stay in Northern Vietnam. As I was standing in the checkout counter to make the trip to Singapore I remarkably bumped into a one of my college brother's friends. It was a strange way to leave Vietnam.

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Views of Ha Long Bay...        
124-2433_IMG 124-2434_IMG 124-2435_IMG 124-2437_IMG
      Disneyland-esque Caves...  
124-2438_IMG 124-2439_IMG 124-2440_IMG 124-2446_IMG
      Our room for the night  
124-2448_IMG 124-2449_IMG 124-2451_IMG 124-2452_IMG
Evening views       Morning...  
124-2453_IMG 124-2455_IMG 124-2456_IMG 124-2457_IMG
Breakfast is served   More morning shots...      
124-2459_IMG 124-2460_IMG 124-2461_IMG 124-2462_IMG
  Swimming!   You can never get away   Up close and personal  
124-2463_IMG 124-2465_IMG 124-2467_IMG 124-2468_IMG
More swimming     Gesticulating wildly   Cat Ba Island  
124-2476_IMG 124-2480_IMG 124-2481_IMG 124-2482_IMG
Mangroves   Cool cave     Back out  
124-2484_IMG 124-2487_IMG 124-2488_IMG 124-2489_IMG
Motoring through the bay   Backlit clouds   Monkey Island   Even more views  
124-2492_IMG 124-2493_IMG 124-2494_IMG 124-2496_IMG
124-2500_IMG 125-2504_IMG 125-2505_IMG 125-2506_IMG
  "Jazz Club"   The tour group   Gettin' their moves on  
125-2507_IMG 125-2509_IMG    
More dancing   Woo hoo!