Singapore June 14 to 17, 2002

I expected that my time in Singapore would be fairly solitary. This turned out not to be the case. Two friends of friends (Holman and Jenny) spent virtually the entire weekend hanging out and introducing me to their friends and the city of Singapore. As most people who have been there tend to relate, Singapore is a very orderly city. Everything is groomed, you can't bring gum into the country, and the lanes are often numbered. But for all of it's highly organized characteristics, Singapore can be a fun town to visit if you know people there.

Friday night, some of Jenny's friends and I went to the "world famous Night Safari." We were late, so we managed to get in and walk around for free. The had a fairly amazing collection of animals in the zoo. It was fun to have big fruit bats flying around my head and to see statuesque owls perching up on branches.

The following day, I met with Holman. After lunch, we met up with Roselyn, and made a trip out to Sentosa island, which sort of felt like an small Asian version of Cancun. From there is was to the best meal of my trip at the amazing seafood restaurant, Red House. While there, we met up with another of Holman's friends, Candice. After dinner, we made our way to a dance club for the evening with yet another friend, Brigit. It closed promptly at 3 after playing "Sweet Freedom."

The following day I caught up with Jenny for lunch at the expansive Takeshimia mall. We met up with Holman and Candice, but Jenny had to leave to meet up with her parents. Holman and Candice showed me around more of town, and had me sample some authentic chicken rice. Yum.

On my last day, I had one more chance to have lunch with Jenny and to say a quick goodbye to Holman. Sixteen hours of blissful Singapore Airlines treatment later, I was back home.

Upon returning home, I sent out the final update letting people know I had made it safely back.

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The Final Meal and Photo