Dalat To Danang May 23 to 25, 2002

Dalat definitely made my top five list for the trip. Located at an elevation of 1400m in the central highlands, this tourist and university town is one of the few places in the country where the temperature rarely eclipses 90 degrees. It was quite a contrast to the prior days in and around Saigon.

The residents of Dalat are exceptionally friendly. The students at the university even more so. Combine that with great local cakes, a plentiful supply of rambutan (chom chom!), and a beautiful lake and you have a sure recipe for an enjoyable stay.

I left Dalat early in the morning on the 25th to make my way to the Phan Rang, a city just off coast. This 110km ride was largely downhill, so I was hoping that it would be a relatively easy ride. The first 30km or so were the second-most beautiful ride on my trip. The rolling hills were covered with coniferous trees, or vividly colored tea fields. There were then two very exciting 10km plunges down into a valley. I realized about halfway down that the temperature was rising dramatically. While this was partly accounted for by the drop in elevation, it turns out that the Phan Rang province is the most desert-like of all Vietnam. The last 40km of the ride were brutally hot (somewhere in the 105-110 range). It was so warm that I at first could hear my tires sticking to the asphalt, and then could actually see them clinging to the road. Thankfully, there were a few kind souls who provided me with some shade and short breaks. I was too exhausted to take any pictures.

The following day I took a train from the Chap Tham station to Danang. The 18 hour ride was not at all fun, but the views were extraordinary. I was glad to have some time to relax in Hoi An.

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119-1962_IMG 119-1963_IMG 119-1964_IMG 119-1966_IMG
Dalat Central Market   Xuan Huong Lake   More Lake   View from the Hotel  
119-1969_IMG 119-1970_IMG 119-1972_IMG 119-1973_IMG
The Vietnamese Flag   Dragonfruit...   ...it's like a mango-sized Kiwi!   Stop & Go Cafe  
119-1974_IMG 119-1975_IMG 119-1977_IMG 119-1978_IMG
The Flower Gardens...        
119-1979_IMG 119-1980_IMG 119-1981_IMG 119-1984_IMG
Sea of Purple   Entrance   Cool grass   Walking along the garden  
119-1985_IMG 119-1986_IMG 119-1987_IMG 119-1988_IMG
Tall pine   6" off the ground?   Nifty   More flowers  
119-1989_IMG 119-1992_IMG 119-1993_IMG 119-1995_IMG
Orchids   Limestone rocks?   Mmm... Yellow.   Even more flowers  
119-1996_IMG 119-1997_IMG 119-1998_IMG 119-1999_IMG
Behind Dalat University   More University   Former Church. Now the student union.   North of Dalat  
119-2000_IMG 120-2001_IMG 120-2002_IMG 120-2004_IMG
Continuing north to...   The Valley of Love   Home of the Vietnamese cowboy   Yes. A heart-seated toadstool.  
120-2005_IMG 120-2006_IMG 120-2008_IMG 120-2009_IMG
Sure is pretty though.   One last shot.   1 free meal = 2 hours of piano   Plus some accompanyment  
120-2010_IMG 120-2011_IMG 120-2012_IMG 120-2013_IMG
At the piano hotel   The audience   The owner   Leaving Dalat  
120-2015_IMG 120-2016_IMG 120-2017_IMG 120-2018_IMG
Heading west through...   ...more coffee and tea fields.   Red, red dirt   Terraces  
120-2019_IMG 120-2020_IMG 120-2021_IMG 120-2027_IMG
Amazing views...   ...that go forever.   Plunging down toward sealevel   More great views  
120-2029_IMG 120-2030_IMG 120-2031_IMG 120-2032_IMG
Long way to go to the ocean   Cows   Water pipes   Getting more brown  
120-2034_IMG 120-2035_IMG 120-2038_IMG 120-2039_IMG
100 degree weather yields burns   Phan Rang   At Thap Cham train station   The assistant manager and me  
120-2040_IMG 120-2041_IMG 120-2043_IMG 120-2044_IMG
Done tutoring English   Gecko, the local specialty.   The train station   My bunk for the night  
120-2045_IMG 120-2046_IMG 120-2047_IMG 120-2049_IMG
Another view   5:30am views from the train...   Wow. That's green.   More views.  
120-2050_IMG 120-2051_IMG    
Cultivating rice   A cabinmate