Hoi An and China Beach May 25 to 28, 2002

Hoi An was a great town to catch my breath in. This small town got it's start as a small trading port, but is now much more famous for its cheap tailored clothes. This is certainly one of the most relaxing towns in Vietnam, despite it's touristy nature. People are friendly (and not too aggressive), the food is great, and the beach is close by.

During my stay, I had a chance to make a side trip to My Son, a 13th-15th century Champa worship site. More recently, it was used in the American War (as I got used to calling it over there), as a VC hideout. As a result, American bombing has destroyed much of what was left, especially around Group A of the site. Still, it is a worthwhile trip. A relaxing boat ride back to Hoi An (as opposed to the very uncomfortable bus ride there) gave me the opportunity to better understand the local fishing and woodworking customs.

After My Son, I cycled north toward Danang. On the way I stopped on China Beach (somewhat south of where most of the landings took place during the war). I then made my way to Marble Mountain, a series of Buddhist pagodas and caves. It was quite spectacular (and, as it turns out, the source for the image behind the navigation on the left). It was one of the most worthwhile, and unexpected, stops on my trip. Thanks to the marble carving family for convincing me to stop.

After a brief stop in Danang (there is little of interest there, except for a Cham museum that I didn't have a chance to visit), I continued north over the Hai Van Pass.

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120-2052_IMG 120-2053_IMG 120-2054_IMG 120-2055_IMG
Hoi An Streets...     Ducks...   ...hanging from a bicycle  
120-2056_IMG 120-2057_IMG 120-2058_IMG 120-2060_IMG
Views of the River   South China Sea!   Overcast beach   Offshore fishing islands  
120-2061_IMG 120-2062_IMG 120-2069_IMG 120-2071_IMG
Fishing boat   Pond in Hoi An   Why did the duck cross the road?   Rice fields  
120-2073_IMG 120-2075_IMG 120-2081_IMG 120-2084_IMG
Tomb of a founding 17th c. trader   A Buddah celebration   Big, glowing fish   One of many lamps  
120-2088_IMG 120-2089_IMG 120-2093_IMG 120-2094_IMG
River life   How to catch fish   My Son (pronounced Mee Sohn)   A Cham Tower (in Group B)  
120-2098_IMG 120-2099_IMG 120-2100_IMG 121-2101_IMG
Around groups B & C...       Lost a head  
121-2102_IMG 121-2103_IMG 121-2104_IMG 121-2105_IMG
Sculpture museum...     Dominant mountain   Flowers  
121-2106_IMG 121-2107_IMG 121-2110_IMG 121-2111_IMG
What is left of Group A...   ...after the American bombing.   Butterfly   Group G  
121-2113_IMG 121-2116_IMG 121-2118_IMG 121-2119_IMG
Another mountain view   I have no idea   Another butterfly   Fishes  
121-2120_IMG 121-2123_IMG 121-2124_IMG 121-2126_IMG
Babbling brook   Returning to Hoi An   Fishing   More fishing  
121-2128_IMG 121-2130_IMG 121-2131_IMG 121-2132_IMG
Fishing nets   The docks   Uyen and family at...   ...the Banana Split Cafe (yum!)  
121-2133_IMG 121-2134_IMG 121-2136_IMG 121-2138_IMG
Get dinner here   Woven boat   China Beach   Marble Mountain Pagoda  
121-2139_IMG 121-2142_IMG 121-2145_IMG 121-2146_IMG
In and around Marble Mountain...        
121-2147_IMG 121-2148_IMG 121-2151_IMG 121-2154_IMG
The pagodas up close   Ocean views   Dragon   More views  
121-2167_IMG 121-2168_IMG 121-2171_IMG 121-2172_IMG
Even higher   Wow.   Incense-laden air   The main cave  
121-2173_IMG 121-2174_IMG 121-2178_IMG 121-2179_IMG
More natural light   There was even music   Marble carving   I actually bought something.