April 24, 2019




1.     Focus on the point of what you are trying to accomplish.

2.     Visit this website and simply enjoy the entertainment:

3.     I recommend that you head forward and listen to my original music.

4.     If you have not already done so, I suggest that you obtain a Bachelor’s degree, and once obtained, maybe consider earning a professional graduate degree.

5.     Keep a notebook nearby, in case you want to take notes.

6.     Consider opening the door for the finding your place in society, becoming happy, thereafter thriving, and ultimately, being satisfied with how things are.

7.     If I were you, I would use a checklist.

8.     Finally, I recommend you go to the link provided following this sentence, and enjoy what life should be like!!!!!!!!


These recommendations are provided by me for purposes of having more individuals achieve self-enrichment, success and happiness!!!!!



Copyright 2019: John Henrickson