Jeremy's Vietnam Photo Journal
Thanks for taking the time to check out my Vietnam photo journal! I've included a selection of photos that turned out moderately well, or that remind me of the various people and places that I visited. I hope you enjoy taking a look. If you have any questions or comments about the trip, please contact me by email or phone (650.996.1553).

A quick note about the photographs. You'll notice that there are virtually no pictures of people. While I spent a large chunk of my time absorbing local life and culture, it simply felt much too intrusive to take candid photographs of people without the use of a telephoto lens. So, there's mostly scenery.

I've broken this photojournal into chronological sections that are briefly described below. On each page, you can click on the thumbnails for a larger view, and click on each of the larger views to get to the next image. Enjoy!

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Top 10 Photos
A selection of my very favorite photographs from the trip. Great if you don't have the time or inclination to look through all 300 photos on the site. :)

Ho Chi Minh City - May 15 to May 17
Ho Chi Minh City, the economic and population center of Vietnam.

Ride to Dalat - May 18 & 19
A bus ride to Hoa Binh. Getting used to the choruses of "Hello!". Pedaling up the central highlands to Dalat.

Dalat to Danang - May 20 to 25
Several days in the relatively cool tourist and university town of Dalat. A plunge down the mountains into desert. The nightmare train ride from Phan Rang to Danag.

Hoi An and China Beach - May 26 to 28
Slowing down for a few days without getting tailored clothes in Hoi An. China Beach and the extraordinary Marble Mountains. The quiet beaches along the Lang Co peninsula.

Danang to Hue - May 29 to June 3
A beautiful historical city in central Vietnam. Includes the once-glamorous Forbidden Purple City, as well as the tombs of the most enduring of the 19th century Vietnamese emperors.

Hanoi to Mai Chau and Back- Jun 4 to 9
The relaxed capital city of Vietnam. A bicycle ride through the beautiful northwest mountains. The sleepy, beautiful rice farming valley of Mai Chau.

Ha Long Bay - June 10 to 13
A memorable tour through the remarkable limestone formations and caves of Ha Long Bay.

Singapore - June 14 to 17
The orderly city of infinite malls.

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