Danang to Hue May 29 to June 3, 2002

The first day out of Danang was a short ride over the infamous Hai Van Pass. The 10km climb was tempered by the spectacular views up and down the central coast.

Lang Co rests just to the north of the Hai Van pass, nestled between a lagoon and the South China Sea. The latter made for a great swim after the challenging ride earlier in the day. I was lucky to have the whole beach to myself.

From there it was north to the imperial city of Hue. The ride itself was fairly unremarkable, except for the strange stretch of toll road which was markedly better than any other road that I visited in Vietnam.

Hue is a beautiful city. It is the one place in Vietnam I visited where I really felt like I was getting a clear picture of Vietnamese history. The dominant structure in Hue is the Citadal. It is a 10km long, two meter wide stretch of wall and a moat that surrounds a significant potion of the city. It was from here that the powerful 19th century emporers ruled the country. Inside the Citadel is the emporer's personal residence, the temptingly named "Forbidden Purple City." Regretfully, it has largely beem decimated over the course of the four major Vietnamese wars of the 20th century. But, there is still much to see, and the government is doing what it can to reconstruct much of what is missing.

Just outside of Hoi An are the tombs of the emperors. The most famous emporer, and most lavish tomb, is that of Tu Duc. The visit to this walled compound was well worth the trip.

The Vietnamese government recognizes that their transportation systems leave something to be desired, so they are working hard to improve them. Three weeks before I left Hue, they brought the new "E2" express train online. It was a much more comfortable way to travel to Hanoi than the "LH" train into Danang.

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121-2181_IMG 121-2182_IMG 121-2183_IMG 121-2184_IMG
Bridge from Danang   Heading up Hai Van Pass...      
121-2185_IMG 121-2187_IMG 121-2188_IMG 121-2189_IMG
Still going up...       Made it!  
121-2191_IMG 121-2193_IMG 121-2194_IMG 121-2195_IMG
Me   Top of the pass   Cow & the American Lookout   View of Lang Co  
121-2196_IMG 121-2197_IMG 121-2200_IMG 122-2201_IMG
Top of the mountain   Heading down...     Looking back  
122-2202_IMG 122-2204_IMG 122-2205_IMG 122-2207_IMG
First big rain   Lang Co Beach   Rolling clouds   Peaceful  
122-2208_IMG 122-2209_IMG 122-2210_IMG 122-2212_IMG 122-2213_IMG
Views from the beach...     Evening clouds   Football, of course    
122-2215_IMG 122-2216_IMG 122-2221_IMG 122-2222_IMG
Colors at sunset...     Following morning...    
122-2223_IMG 122-2224_IMG 122-2225_IMG 122-2227_IMG
Biking toward Hue   Kindly fed a total stranger   Strange section of toll road   The Airport. All of it.  
122-2228_IMG 122-2230_IMG 122-2231_IMG 122-2236_IMG
Evening in Hue...       Lighting up the bridge...  
122-2237_IMG 122-2241_IMG 122-2245_IMG 122-2246_IMG
  The Citadel      
122-2251_IMG 122-2252_IMG 122-2254_IMG 122-2255_IMG
Outer Citadel   Entrance to the Forbidden Purple City   Sounds cool, doens't it?   Inside the Forbidden Purple City...  
122-2256_IMG 122-2259_IMG 122-2260_IMG 122-2261_IMG
Magistrates met here   Buildings destroyed by a century of war   Still, there are some amazing sights   And some reconstruction  
122-2263_IMG 122-2264_IMG 122-2265_IMG 122-2266_IMG
Like this "garden"     Used to be the central home   What it used to look like  
122-2268_IMG 122-2272_IMG 122-2273_IMG 122-2280_IMG
Leaving   More bridge...     "Tomb" of Tu Duc  
122-2283_IMG 122-2288_IMG 122-2290_IMG 122-2291_IMG
Phap Khiem House   Theater House   Ornamentation   Lake for poetry reading  
122-2295_IMG 122-2297_IMG 122-2300_IMG 123-2301_IMG
Eternal honor guard   Self-critical autobiography   Rear entrance   Island for composing poetry  
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