Day 19 - Austin Tour, Andrea, and Dinner with Andrew and Alicia March 30, 2002

Leo, Lara and Ross spent the first part of the day showing me around central Austin. After a great Mexican brunch (I had Mexican sausage and eggs), they drove me around the capitol building and the governor's mansion. One interesting Texan fact: the top step of the Texas capitol building sits one foot higher than the corresponding step of the nation's capitol building.

I met up with Andrea later in the afternoon. She was kind enough to take a short break from her 4 1/2 week old son, Max, to grab a bite to eat. After that, I made a quick pit stop at the airport to pick up Katherine, who is visiting some friends in the area and then heading to a wedding on the east cost. I had a chance to visit with her friend Chiaki (sp?) and her husband Tom.

Afterward, I met up with Andrew Willis and Alicia (sorry if I'm spelling that wrong!) for dinner at Curra's. We had a great conversation which was accompanied by my very very tasty dish of shrimp, rice, chips, and salsa.

After that it was back to Leo's place for a quiet evening of trying to get all of these web pages built and annotated. :)

2002-03-30-RoadTripDay19 2002-03-30-RoadTripDay19 2002-03-30-RoadTripDay19
Chiaki and Tom's old cat The Austin Sky Andrew, me, and Alicia at dinner
Curra's - Yum!