Chaski's Peru Photo Journal
The Hiking Crew

Back: Jim, Jeremy (Chaski), Todd
Middle: Uri, Kathy, Billy, Oswaldo
Front: Irena, Zack (Lance/Raul), Robin, Debbie

Debbie Jaffe and Oswaldo Sandoval invited their friends to make a journey down to Peru in celebration of their fifth wedding anniversary. About a dozen of us were lucky enough to be able to free ourselves from our other obligations and make the trip.

Contained herein are photos taken with my camera during the trip. Any questions or comments? Please contact me by email or phone (650.996.1553).


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Pre Hike
Flying into Lima. A day of rest and a tour in Cusco.

Inca Trail - Day 1
Travel by bus to kilometer 82. Our first day of trekking through the countryside. The first ruins.

Inca Trail - Day 2
A steep hike up to Dead Woman's Pass. Lunch. A beautiful, but mosquito-infested, campsite.

Inca Trail - Day 3
An easier day of hiking. Arrival at 14th century ruins. Sunset. The sky was all purple. The tipping ceremony.

Inca Trail - Day 4
A pre-dawn trek down the stairs. Running to catch the sunrise at the sun gate. Missing. Machu Picchu. Travel back to Cusco.

Post Hike
Arrival in Lima. "Extraordinary" meals. Relaxation and departure.

Copyright 2002 by Jeremy Henrickson