Pre-Inca Trail August 24, 2002

We all congregated in Lima on the night of August 23 in preparation for our flight to Cusco the following morning. Despite complications with the tickets (about half of us were booked on an earlier flight that had already left) we managed to make it safely to Cusco and check into our respective hotels. After an altitude nap, we went out and explored the city, including Maggy's Pizza (yum!) and Cross Keys, a Euro-bar in the central square. After catching a bite to eat, some of us headed out dancing at Mama Africa.

The following day was dominated by our tour of the Cusco area. A relatively extravagant Catholic cathedral dominates Cusco's central square, we had a chance to visit Sacsayhuaman (or something to that effect), and other ruins in the area. Afterward, we went back to our hotel to be briefed by our excellent tour guide, Livo (though, at the time, most of us thought his name was Libo). We headed off to sleep early in order to make the following morning's 4:30 departure time.

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